Lead development candidate: TTT-3002

TauTaTis' lead development candidate is TTT-3002, a multi-targeted kinase inhibitor with a unique mode of action on targets, which are relevant for several disease processes.

A prototype compound to TTT-3002 has demonstrated proof of concept as an orally bioavailable small molecule in authentic animal models of neurofibrillary degeneration, where kinases play a key role. The respective biochemical processes are the principal mechanism of neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's disease and a variety of other dementia and movement disorders. TTT-3002 is a dramatically improved relative of the proof of concept compound, which evolved from insights of an extensive medicinal chemistry program. It is poised to become a first-in-class compound for the treatment of neurological diseases based on the pathology of tau protein, and for Parkinson's disease based on its inhibition of a genetically validated drug target.

The mode of action of TTT-3002 imparts activity as a tumor growth-inhibiting agent with a broad scope. Tolerability in animal models is very good since the action is not cytotoxic. Because TTT-3002 is not recognized by multi-drug resistance proteins, both brain penetration and tumor resistance are not of concern.

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